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wholesale paper napkins and table decoration wholesale

Paper napkins and table decorations for dealers, companies, gastronomy and tradesmen - this is our offer for you.

Here you will find thousands of different napkin motifs and table decorations. Also a large number of printed handkerchiefs and berucktes toilet paper can be found in our shop. We offer many stickers for the handicraft area. 

Simply browse through our extensive range of napkins and handicraft supplies.

Here you will find all articles sorted by categories or companies and article brands:

  • NapkinsAll napkins sorted by motives size events seasons and much more.
  • Companies - All Articles: The companies with all items that are available in the shop here. 
  • Table decoration: Porcelain, glass articles, bamboo articles, candles, trays and much more in this category. 
  • Gastronomy: Everything for the gastronomy such as napkins, table runners, placemats and tablecloths.
  • All other products : Pillows, paper handkerchiefs, toilet paper, poetry images, stickers, mold pads and more.

easter napkins

At Easter, the highest Christian feast, like at Christmas, the family likes to come together to celebrate with each other. Matching napkins should not be missing on a festive Easter table. Whether motive napkins with Easter eggs, the Christian symbol for the resurrection, or which with chickens and chicks - here you find an extensive selection of napkins suitably to the Easter celebration. Or are you looking for napkins with the Easter bunny, which hides the eggs at Easter, as motifs? Also here we have the suitable motive napkins for you. The napkins can also be used as a colourful decoration for an Easter basket.

Napkins 33x33 cm - Tasty CakeNapkins 33x33 cm - Tasty Cake
20 pieces contained

Napkins 33x33 cm - Salut!Napkins 33x33 cm - Salut!
20 pieces contained

Napkins 33x33 cm - EASTER GIRLNapkins 33x33 cm - EASTER GIRL
20 pieces contained

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new napkins and table decoration


Have a look at all new napkins and table decoration

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